Adult Group Ski Lessons in Courchevel and La Tania.

Adult Group Ski Lessons in Courchevel and La Tania

Adult ski lessons running out of Courchevel 1850 and La Tania.

Adult group lessons start at either 9.15 or 11.30 and run for 2 hours, usually from Monday to Friday. Extra days on Sunday or Saturday can usually be added, subject to instructor availability, for when your ski holiday doesn’t follow the usually Sunday to Saturday routine.

Our adult groups have a maximum of 5 people per group, to ensure maximum attention.

Adult group lessons are the fun, sociable way to learn to ski. There is nothing better than skiing around with like-minded holidaymakers, comparing notes on the best hot chocolate or vin chaud, whilst improving your ski technique.


Some long-lasting friendships have been formed during our group ski lessons and it goes to show that a shared experience is quite often the best type. The learning experience is very often enhanced by being able to chat through a difficult technical skiing point with a fellow learner.

Adults Ski Lessons Price


Price: £275 per person per week.

As a ski school, we pride ourselves on the fact that our instructors not only hold the highest level of ski qualification in Britain and Europe, but they all have years of ski teaching experience which ensures that their understanding and level of ski knowledge is second to none.

All our instructors have a great sense of fun, which will ensure that you really enjoy your learning experience with us.


Keith Marshall

Ski & Snowboard

Ben Brierley

Ski & Snowboard

Freddy Wilkens

Ski & Snowboard

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